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Crystal Data Feed: Market Data distribution solution

Por Vitor Precioso

20 janeiro 2017 - 16:28 | Atualizado em 02 fevereiro 2023 - 09:53


Crystal Data Feed is a market data distribution solution developed by Cedro Technologies and based on its Crystal Difusor software. The platform allows receiving data from several primary sources and distributing the data in real time, delayed-stock, end of day (EOF) and historical record to end users through various protocols.

The operation of this solution is based on receiving the data, processing and turning it on useful information for our users. The solution is scalable and enables simultaneous real-time data delivery to hundreds of thousands of users. The main protocol for data delivery is based on a proprietary messaging developed by Cedro Technologies, called the CMP (Cedro Message Protocol). Learn more about CMP and streaming data here.

If you are looking for BM&FBOVESPA market data, currencies, rates and indicators, read this post on data integration in your applications. But if you need a proprietary solution to distribute market data via the Internet, Crystal Data Feed is the right platform.

By adopting Crystal Data Feed you can bring together data from multiple integrated primary data sources or provide your own data sources.

Which primary sources are integrated?

Several primary sources are natively integrated into our solution such as BM&FBOVESPA, indicators, rates and currencies.

What messages are available?

There are a hundred messages available for quoting, order book, charts, broker’s rankings, assets rankings, lower highs and higher lows etc.

Can I integrate other data sources?

The platform allows the integration of data through a TCP / IP interface based on Cedro Message Protocol (CMP) or via database (PostgreSQL).

What interfaces are available?

In addition to CMP protocol (based on TCP / IP), it´s possible to have access to data in websocket and in RESTful services.

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  1. Marcello disse:

    Buenas noches necesito feeds de datos para micro euros y micro sp 500 para Ninjatrader

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