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Market Data Cloud is a specialized service provided by Cedro Technologies for market data distribution of several markets through APIs and Feeds. Cedro’s Market Data Cloud service is available for various markets such as B3 (BM&FBOVESPA), Currencies, Equities, Derivatives, Indicators, Agricultural and others. Market Data Cloud provides many API Market Data services.

Talk to us now by WhatsApp (, or by phone: +55 34 3239-0003).

To access and contract the service click here.

What data is available?

  • Quotes, Book and BOVESPA Data (Stock and Options) – B3
  • Quotes, Book of Offers and Data of BM&F (Futures and Options) – B3
  • Quotes, Book of Offers and Data of Agricultural Commodities (BM&F) – B3
  • Historical Series of Stocks and Futures Coins (Dollar, Euro, Pound, Canadian Dollar, Yuan, Swiss Franc, Chilean Peso, Argentine Peso, Uruguayan Peso, Yen and several others)
  • Currency
  • Parity (Forex)
  • Rates
  • Indicators

How to access?

  • API for quotations in API Streaming for TCP / IP with Crystal Data Feed;
  • API for quotations in Websocket Streaming with Web Feeder;
  • API for quotes in REST with delivery in JSON or XML;
  • API for historical dataBM &FBOVESPA;
  • API for sending orders / electronic negotiation via FIX Protocol;
  • API for sending orders / electronic trading via Websocket

Pricing and hiring:

Hire online or talk to a specialist at +55 11 3014 0200 or comercial@cedrotech.com

In addition to listing services, Cedro also implements several other technology and mobility services based on APIs to send orders, check balance account etc. With our technology, a third-party application can easily receive market data.

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